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Concept illustration of living with chronic migraines

Living with Chronic Migraines

We are beginning to understand major headaches better as patients from all walks of life visit our highly-rated center for pain management in OC. Research has been extensive in determining how migraines occur and what triggers can cause them to persist for too long. Ultimately, people feel resigned to the constant pain from these neverending headaches. Let’s see your options when living with chronic migraines. Living with Chronic Migraines Although … Read more

woman with some chronic pain syndrome

Common Causes of Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain is a condition where you have persistent pain for longer than three months. There are many types of chronic pain that American adults deal with every day. Some are more common than others. If pain lasts for months after surgery and there are more serious mental health symptoms associated with the pain, it could be a sign of chronic pain syndrome. Let’s look at some common causes of … Read more

Woman supporting friend with a migraine

Supporting Someone with a Migraine

Migraines have different levels of severity and pain, and they are uncomfortable no matter what. Sometimes, there is no predicting when a migraine will rear its ugly head – literally. The best way to learn about supporting someone with a migraine is to listen to their pain, understand their symptoms, and offer assistance in ways that you can. Supporting Someone with a Migraine Today, our migraine pain specialist in Orange … Read more

Patient working on mobility after an injury

Importance of Mobility After an Injury

Physical injury can cause chronic pain and debilitation for life. It is important for patients to engage with a physical therapy process as soon as they can after suffering from an accident or another traumatizing injury. One thing that is greatly emphasized as a part of professional pain management in OC is the importance of mobility after an injury – and the importance of mobility in preventing one altogether. Learn … Read more

Concept of how radiofrequency can help pain

How Radiofrequency Can Help Pain

Patients suffering from the symptoms of advanced arthritis might experience excruciating pain on a daily basis. No matter what kind of treatment or medication is available, nothing seems to be able to prevent patients from visiting their local Orange County pain clinic for help. Finally, there is a way to greatly reduce chronic pain and manage symptoms of pain in a much more comforting way: radiofrequency ablation. How Radiofrequency Can … Read more

Woman with a migraine that happens often

How a Migraine Happens

As patients of all ages and backgrounds visit our state-of-the-art pain clinic in Orange County for the treatment of migraines, we are starting to understand these major headaches a little differently. A lot of research has gone into figuring out how a migraine happens and what might cause consistent triggers that keep migraines around for way too long. So let’s dig into how a migraine happens. How a Migraine Happens … Read more

limit middle age joint pain

Limit Middle-Age Joint Pain

Once you hit your 40s, you may start to notice some significant changes in your body. You might feel less flexible than you once were, and your joints hurt or creak whenever you move around. While these are all normal and natural signs of aging, you don’t have to surrender to the fact that your body will feel worse and worse over time. There are many things you can do … Read more

Woman standing and wondering if sciatica is curable

Is Sciatica Curable?

A sudden jolt of pain or an intense pinching feeling near the bottom of your spine could be an indication of sciatic nerve damage, which can send waves of discomfort throughout the whole body. It can come out of nowhere and grow in intensity over a short period of time, leaving most sciatica patients in despair. Will the pain ever go away? Is sciatica curable? Are there treatments available to … Read more

Image of child with carpal tunnel.

Can Children Get Carpal Tunnel?

Those of you who endure jobs with repetitive hand movements may be worried about contracting carpal tunnel. This syndrome marks the occurrence of the tunneling bones and ligaments of the wrist getting narrower and narrower. Ultimately, this pinches down on some nerves, causing a lot of pain in the fingers. Some of the causes of carpal tunnel are quite clear, while others remain a mystery. This makes people wonder, who … Read more

Woman looking sad from living with chronic pain.

Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined by the constant presence of pain in certain parts of the body, from mild to severe. Those living with chronic pain often feel despair or frustration because the pain never seems to go away. Although different medications and procedures can alleviate some types of chronic pain, other instances of pain cannot fully be cured. Let’s look at some tips for living with chronic pain. Tips for … Read more