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Supporting Someone with a Migraine

Migraines have different levels of severity and pain, and they are uncomfortable no matter what. Sometimes, there is no predicting when a migraine will rear its ugly head – literally. The best way to learn about supporting someone with a migraine is to listen to their pain, understand their symptoms, and offer assistance in ways that you can.

Supporting Someone with a Migraine

Today, our migraine pain specialist in Orange County will talk about the best ways to be there for someone dealing with chronic migraines or random migraine attacks. We will also discuss the best forms of treatment for different types of migraines so you can be conscious about making the healthiest choices for you and your loved one.

Understanding Migraine Triggers

One of the most frustrating things about migraines is that it isn’t always clear what exactly causes the migraine to occur. In other cases, it may be more evident. Either way, it’s important to know about common migraine triggers that could potentially cause these unwanted symptoms.

These triggers could be anything from undue stress to bright lights, meaning there are different ways to manage the symptoms with each one. Some people even get migraines due to hormonal imbalances or too much alcohol. You can help reduce these triggering events around the house to create a more comfortable situation at home.

Believe Your Partner’s Pain

Like many forms of chronic pain, migraines can look invisible from an outside perspective. Only the person experiencing the migraine can talk about how painful it is and can accurately say what other symptoms they are feeling. Your role as their support system is to listen and believe what they say. Don’t underplay their pain or convince them that some of the suffering is just in their head. This ultimately reduces confidence, encourages self-blame, and increases stress. The best way to help alleviate pain is to believe in your loved one and ask them what the most helpful thing for you to do is in the moment.

Practice Lots of Patience

There may be times when your loved one can’t accurately describe or process their pain, and there may be times when you find your patience being tested. This is normal, and there are things you can do to encourage patience and understanding when you might be a little more frustrated. When your loved one has a migraine attack, you should invest in some wellness techniques or healing stretches for migraine pain. The two of you can practice these tools together, putting you both in a better mental space when dealing with migraine pain.

Give Love and Pampering!

Migraines can come with a wide range of symptoms including nausea, fever, chills, fatigue, and irritability. You can do small things around the house to make their lives so much easier and less stressful when they are going through a period of intense pain. For instance, you can set up the bed for them or prepare a cold towel for them to lay on their head. Stock up on the best migraine relief medications and your loved one’s favorite snack. These tiny acts of kindness go a long way when someone really needs you!

Get Professional Migraine Care Today

At CRPM, we offer advanced solutions for patients experiencing migraines on a regular or inconsistent basis. You can meet with our specialists to discuss your needs one-on-one. You can get the very best in migraine relief treatment in Orange County when you reach out to our specialty staff today. So you don’t have to live a life of pain and suffering when you have a support system around you to help. Learn how to get stronger today!