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Importance of Mobility After an Injury

Physical injury can cause chronic pain and debilitation for life. It is important for patients to engage with a physical therapy process as soon as they can after suffering from an accident or another traumatizing injury. One thing that is greatly emphasized as a part of professional pain management in OC is the importance of mobility after an injury – and the importance of mobility in preventing one altogether. Learn how you can get mobile in a safe and preventative way.

Importance of Mobility After an Injury

Improve Your Strength

Whether or not you have been injured, it’s a fact that consistent mobility will help you build up physical strength. It takes time to heal and recover, and you can encourage that healing along when you give your body a boost. Keeping it in motion can keep your muscles and bones strong, facilitating the movement of blood to encourage new cell growth.

Avoid Too Much Rest

Rest is an essential part of the recovery process, especially in the early stages of healing. As your foot, leg, or other body part starts to feel better, it’s time to start exercising it again. You don’t want all of those muscles to lose their strength and functionality due to disuse. It’s okay to start slowly, and with a trusted physical therapist. Give yourself some time to participate in little movements throughout the day so you aren’t doomed to a sedentary lifestyle forever.

Prevent Future Injury

Not only can mobility help you heal smoothly and strongly from a physical injury, but you can also build up your body’s defense to prevent future harm as well. You should be working to increase your range of motion whether or not you are already suffering from chronic pain. Many studies over the years have shown that physical exercise promotes pain relief while strengthening your body against future incidents. It is especially important for folks with age or immune-related conditions to perform steady physical exercise on a routine basis.

Enjoy Physical Therapy Challenges

Recovering from physical injury is not an easy task. It can take months or years to relieve chronic pain. At the same time, working to regain strength and comfort in certain parts of your body. When you continue to stay mobile, you give your body a better fighting chance. This helps you earn more success during your physical therapy sessions. They may not prove fun. But they can give you the satisfaction of having accomplished a difficult task all on your own. And proving stronger and healthier for it.

Keep Injuries From Getting Worse

Over time, your injury could stop improving on its own without you putting some work into it. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be able to get rid of your pain completely when you invest in a good amount of physical activity each day. Keeping your body in motion stimulates your blood, ensuring that the healing process will continue. This can prevent your injuries from getting worse over time. Make sure to sign up for physical therapy appointments so you don’t end up with a painful problem that is a lot more difficult to get rid of.

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