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Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined by the constant presence of pain in certain parts of the body, from mild to severe. Those living with chronic pain often feel despair or frustration because the pain never seems to go away. Although different medications and procedures can alleviate some types of chronic pain, other instances of pain cannot fully be cured. Let’s look at some tips for living with chronic pain.

Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

But that does not mean that a life of chronic pain is not one worth living. In fact, your local OC pain specialists have come up with 6 of the best tips for living with chronic pain that can help you reframe your mindset into one that is productive and positive. Try out some of the options on this list and get in touch with your pain management pros for a personalized care plan that helps you reduce your pain as much as possible.

Keep Track of Your Pain

Staying on top of your pain levels each day can help you get a better sense of your recovery progress. Some days may feel worse than others, and it’s important to take note of that. Keep a note of how much pain – or how much physical activity – you experienced that day. This information can help your doctor continue to provide you with a good care plan.

Find a Good Support Group

There are many different support groups available for people experiencing chronic pain. It can be good for mental health and recovery to speak with people going through the same thing that you are. Others may also be able to provide insight about their own coping skills for you to try.

Quit Smoking

Multiple studies suggest that smoking can worsen chronic pain as the chemicals in smoke can aggravate the part of the nerves that are responsible for feeling pain. In fact, smokers are three times more likely to experience chronic pain in their lifetime than those who don’t smoke. Not to mention, smoking can increase the likelihood of cancer and lung disease.

Use Hot or Cold Therapy

Depending on the location and type of chronic pain, you may find that heat relieves your hurt. Taking a warm bath can relieve tension in your muscles, giving you a much-deserved break from the constant pain. On the other hand, some pain may be better quelled with an ice pack or cold therapy throughout the day.

Find Your Favorite Distraction

Distractions can help you when the pain feels like too much to bear. While it may seem like the world is overwhelming and there is no hope in sight, you can use powerful imagery to serve as something new for your mind to focus on. Think of your favorite movie, TV show, or relaxation hobby. Make sure to surround yourself with these things and keep them within reach so you know where to go when the pain gets to be too great.

Explore the Best Treatment Options

The medical field of pain relief is rapidly evolving, and more treatments are being developed each day that cater to chronic pain. No matter what your prognosis is from your doctor, it’s possible to find better comfort from your pain. It is possible to improve your quality of life and invest in realistic pain treatment options that will get rid of your troubles for good. Many treatment options are non-invasive and don’t require surgery, such as Stimwave in Orange County!

Get Rid of Chronic Pain Today!

The path to healing from chronic pain is a long journey that may have a few bumps in the road along the way. But you shouldn’t give up. You can learn how to live with chronic pain and improve the way your body feels on a daily basis. Reach out to our pain specialists at CPRM today to schedule a personal consultation!