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Joint Injections

At the Centers for Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine, we offer the leading pain treatments for our patients in Orange County. Dr. Lai and our physicians are dedicated to helping patients relieve pain. We use corticosteroid steroid injections for joint injuries or conditions to reduce inflammation and redness. Joint injections are an effective method of pain management and not a permanent form of treatment.

Candidates for Joint Injections:

  • Have a debilitating joint injury or condition
  • Suffer from continuous inflammation in hips, shoulders and other joints
  • Have localized chronic pain that affects their daily life
  • Have not responded to conservative forms of treatment
  • Live with limited functionality

What to Expect

Before the treatment, Dr. Lai will perform a physical exam, review the patient’s medical history and perform an x-ray exam to thoroughly assess the symptoms presented. He will then create a personalized treatment plan based on the state of the patient’s joint injury or condition. More severe conditions may warrant more than one treatment session. To ensure a seamless treatment, patients should disclose any medication they are taking to avoid any complications.

Before the injection, Dr. Lai will clean and prepare the joint area. He will use a state-of-the-art X-ray machine to guide the injection process. Dr. Lai will then carefully place the injection into the damaged region to administer the medicine. Injections contain a corticosteroid combined with a light anaesthetic. This minimally invasive outpatient procedure takes around 10-20 minutes. Patients will be asked to stay for a specified amount of time after treatment to evaluate the body’s immediate response to the injection.


Patients may experience soreness a few days after treatment. All normal activity may be resumed the day after the injection. Any slight pain following the treatment can be alleviated with a cold compress and a mild pain reliever. Pain relief can last from days to years. Relief may also depend on severity of the condition.

After treatment, Dr. Lai will meet with the patient to monitor the patient’s recovery. It is important that the patient tracks their level of pain following the treatment to discuss with Dr. Lai. If pain persists, he may suggest additional injection treatments or other forms of treatment. Injections may also be combined with physical therapy to further rehabilitate the joint.

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