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Guide to Trigger Point Therapy Injections

Patients dealing with chronic pain that has not been able to see noticeable improvements through at-home care and physical therapy may be the perfect candidate for trigger point injections. Next time you visit your local pain management clinic, ask about this advanced form of treatment that can keep you from enduring too much pain. Below we have our guide to trigger point therapy injections. Guide to Trigger Point Therapy Injections … Read more

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7 Tips for Exercising with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with, especially since it can plague you on a daily basis. Depending on the source of your pain as well as any underlying medical conditions you might have, your chronic pain may or may not be able to be cured. Different types of treatments are available for patients visiting their local clinic for pain management, including physical therapy and a range … Read more

concept of migraines make you tired

Do Migraines Make You Tired?

Migraines can interrupt the sleep you need and cause you to feel fatigue. This fatigue can lead to disruptions in how you are able to handle your day-to-day tasks. In addition to interrupting your sleep, one cause of migraines can be too little sleep or poor quality sleep. So do migraines make you tired? Do Migraines Make You Tired? Of course, some evidence shows that too much sleep can also … Read more

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What Is a Pain Pump and How Does it Work?

Often, chronic pain becomes too severe to handle through natural remedies, physical therapy, or prescribed medication alone. In these cases, a more direct approach may be warranted. At your local pain clinic in Orange County, we may recommend a proactive treatment involving a pain pump. This describes a process of pumping medication to your spinal cord directly through a catheter that is surgically placed in your bones. So, what is … Read more

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Migraine Vs. Headache: What’s the Difference?

Everyone knows the pain and discomfort of having a headache. But whether your headache is located above your eyes or in the back of your skull, there could be different conditions causing you to endure such pain. Patients who visit our office of professional pain management in OC often want to know about the key ways to distinguish a migraine vs. a headache: what’s the difference between them, exactly? Learn … Read more

concept of symptoms and causes of back pain

Symptoms and Causes of Back Pain

Everybody experiences back pain from time to time. If you lift too much, your muscles might cramp. After standing for a long time, you might feel sore. You might also have a serious injury to your spine that must be treated immediately. There are many symptoms and causes of back pain to be aware of. Symptoms and Causes of Back Pain If you are experiencing discomfort or pain anywhere in … Read more

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6 Common Pain Injections and How They Work

Chronic pain is a condition where you have persistent pain for longer than three months. There are many types of chronic pain Americans experience every day. Some are more common than others. There are many types and types of pain. However, injections can be used to numb the pain. Let’s look at 6 common pain injections and how they work. 6 Common Pain Injections and How They Work CRPM is … Read more

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Common Spinal Cord Problems

Your spinal cord is the central line of your nervous system, helping to connect your brain with the rest of your body. As a result, any physical condition that affects the spinal cord can cause far-reaching consequences. Let’s look at common spinal cord problems. Common Spinal Cord Problems In addition to causing pain, the most common spinal cord problems can cause muscle weakness, spasms, needle-like sensations, and numbness. These sensations … Read more

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The Link Between Migraines and Stress

Chronic stress is a pervasive aspect of life for far too many people in the United States of America. Research indicates that this continual stress may be contributing to a number of health conditions that affect many of our families. Obesity, heart disease, digestive issues, and mental health disorders are just a few examples. Another well-known example is migraines. So what is the link between migraines and stress. The Link … Read more

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Top Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain is a general term for discomfort occurring where two or more bones meet. This sensation is most common in areas where the cartilage protecting your bones from each other is most likely to break down. As such, you are more likely to experience joint pain in places like your knees, hips, and spine. Let’s look at the top causes of joint pain. Top Causes of Joint Pain Run-of-the-mill … Read more