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Woman with a migraine that happens often

How a Migraine Happens

As patients of all ages and backgrounds visit our state-of-the-art pain clinic in Orange County for the treatment of migraines, we are starting to understand these major headaches a little differently. A lot of research has gone into figuring out how a migraine happens and what might cause consistent triggers that keep migraines around for way too long. So let’s dig into how a migraine happens. How a Migraine Happens … Read more

limit middle age joint pain

Limit Middle-Age Joint Pain

Once you hit your 40s, you may start to notice some significant changes in your body. You might feel less flexible than you once were, and your joints hurt or creak whenever you move around. While these are all normal and natural signs of aging, you don’t have to surrender to the fact that your body will feel worse and worse over time. There are many things you can do … Read more

Woman standing and wondering if sciatica is curable

Is Sciatica Curable?

A sudden jolt of pain or an intense pinching feeling near the bottom of your spine could be an indication of sciatic nerve damage, which can send waves of discomfort throughout the whole body. It can come out of nowhere and grow in intensity over a short period of time, leaving most sciatica patients in despair. Will the pain ever go away? Is sciatica curable? Are there treatments available to … Read more

Image of child with carpal tunnel.

Can Children Get Carpal Tunnel?

Those of you who endure jobs with repetitive hand movements may be worried about contracting carpal tunnel. This syndrome marks the occurrence of the tunneling bones and ligaments of the wrist getting narrower and narrower. Ultimately, this pinches down on some nerves, causing a lot of pain in the fingers. Some of the causes of carpal tunnel are quite clear, while others remain a mystery. This makes people wonder, who … Read more

Woman looking sad from living with chronic pain.

Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined by the constant presence of pain in certain parts of the body, from mild to severe. Those living with chronic pain often feel despair or frustration because the pain never seems to go away. Although different medications and procedures can alleviate some types of chronic pain, other instances of pain cannot fully be cured. Let’s look at some tips for living with chronic pain. Tips for … Read more

Illustration of hand with carpal tunnel.

Carpal Tunnel Foods to Avoid

Repetitive motion in the hands and wrists can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition marked by inflammation. Typing, sewing, and painting are just a few of the many activities that can lead to swelling in the tendons, wrists, and fingers. For some patients at our Orange County pain clinic, carpal tunnel symptoms will flare up every so often. So today let’s look at carpal tunnel foods to avoid. … Read more

Greyscale photo of someone experiencing foot pain.

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Your feet and ankles are responsible for most of your mobility. Dealing with sudden or growing pain in these areas can make it difficult to complete even the simplest of daily tasks. Understanding the symptoms and common causes of foot pain can help you seek the right treatment right away. For more information, contact OC Pain management. Common Causes of Foot Pain It’s important for you to get back on … Read more

Construction worker experiencing back pain while working.

Back Pain While Working

Whether you sit in an office chair, lift heavy boxes, or make repetitive movements all day, your job at work could be causing your back a lot of pain. Daily activities and stiff postures can really take a toll on the most sensitive part of your body. Your routine work and behaviors put strain and stress on your back over time, which may lead to issues of chronic pain in … Read more

woman in wooden chair in front of wooden desk gripping forehead and back

Can a Spine Injury Cause Headaches?

Spine injuries are very dangerous, intense, and unpredictable. With the spine covering such a large portion of the body – and the nervous system – it can be hard to tell how a spine injury will affect you. But there is a certain connection between certain spinal injuries and the presence of migraines. Can a spine injury cause headaches to appear more frequently? Can a Spine Injury Cause Headaches? Our … Read more

woman in front of laptop, gripping wrist

Hobbies that Cause Carpal Tunnel

Anybody who does a lot of work with their hands hates hearing the dreaded three words: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This condition happens when the median nerve in the hand is compressed too much, causing tightness and pain. Those who suffer from this syndrome find it increasingly difficult to use their hands and fingers as well as they used to. So let’s look at hobbies that cause carpal tunnel. Hobbies that … Read more

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