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Living with Chronic Migraines

We are beginning to understand major headaches better as patients from all walks of life visit our highly-rated center for pain management in OC. Research has been extensive in determining how migraines occur and what triggers can cause them to persist for too long. Ultimately, people feel resigned to the constant pain from these neverending headaches. Let’s see your options when living with chronic migraines.

Living with Chronic Migraines

Although migraines can be caused by many different things, the experience of the body during these painful times is the same. Migraine can be prevented or treated in some ways, helping to reduce the intensity of the attacks. However, there is no one sure-fire cure. Let’s discuss what we can do together – and what you can do at your home – to make living with chronic migraines a little easier.
Find a Good Support Group

For people with chronic pain, there are many support groups. Talking to others experiencing the same things as you can help your mental health and recovery. You might also find others who can offer insight into their own coping strategies.

Find Your Favorite Distraction

When the pain is too much, distractions can be helpful. It may seem overwhelming, and there is no hope for the future. However, powerful imagery can help you to keep your mind focused on something else. You can think of your favorite TV show, movie, or a relaxing hobby. These things will help you to keep your mind and body occupied when it gets too difficult.

Invest in Hot/Cold Therapy

You may find heat relief depending on where you are and what type of chronic pain you have. A warm bath can relax your muscles and give you a well-deserved rest from constant pain. Some pain can be relieved by using an ice pack, or cold therapy throughout the day. Experts suggest that switching between hot and cold will help to ease some of the pressure building up in your head.

Learn to Identify the Symptoms of a Migraine

So many different types of pain can all be present in migraines while the headache persists. However, there are specific symptoms that can help you determine if your headaches will get worse. You should also remember that migraines can occur for many reasons. Identifying these symptoms will help you create a customized treatment plan. These symptoms may include:

  • Seeing spots
  • Seeing light flashes
  • Extreme light and sound sensitivities
  • Temporary vision loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • The temples are a source of pain
  • Sharp pain in one eye or the ear

A migraine attack can also cause additional symptoms and sensations that may be felt 30 seconds prior to it. These symptoms can include numbness, loss, or confusion, as well as a feeling of inability to think clearly.

How to Treat and Prevent Migraines

You know how debilitating migraines can be if you suffer from them on a daily basis. Regular migraine pain and discomfort can be very painful. You deserve some relief. Your local pain management specialist can help you find the best treatment options. This may include pain-relieving medication, physical therapy, and procedural treatment. Alternative healing methods such as acupuncture or meditation can also provide relief.

Get The Best Migraine Treatment Today

How do you manage migraine pain? Preventing migraines from getting worse is the best thing to do. Contact CRPM today to get permanent relief for your major migraines. We offer innovative procedures and options to boost the success of your migraine treatment in OC. Whether you have just started to experience migraines or you need a more proactive way to keep the constant pain at bay, you can review your symptoms and treatment options with us today. Don’t wait until you can’t live your everyday life. Get ahead of the pain now!