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Chronic Pain Management Orange County

Chronic pain can make your life unbearable. That is why you need a pain specialist who are seasoned in chronic pain relief in Orange County to help you get a handle on the quality of your life. Pain means you have pain lasting longer than 12 weeks. Pain symptoms may arise from an initial injury. But it can also be the result of an underlying illness.

Is your chronic pain unbearable?

Did you know that many people who suffer from chronic pain become suicidal? They tire of a life filled with constant pain. Pain management Orange County helps patients who suffer from chronic pain. Pain might be the result of a wide variety of conditions. It is important you get some relief and have some control over your life again.

How long have you had chronic pain?

It may be time to have a reassessment by a pain management doctor. They will look at your medications and see how they are working. Your pain management doctor will work in conjunction with your primary care physician. As well as any others involved in your medical care.

A pain management specialist begins by doing an evaluation of your medical history. Next, they will conduct a physical exam to determine the right pain treatment plan. The main goal is to treat your pain and keep it under control.

Chronic pain is often the result of a vast number of medical conditions such as:

Treatment options

One aspect of your treatment plan may be to block the pain at the nerve source. This occurs by injecting a nerve numbing substance into specific areas of the body that are in pain. There are a wide variety of nerve blocks available. For example, therapeutic nerve blocks contain local anesthesia. They work to control acute pain. Acute pain tends to be more severe and sharp compared to chronic pain.

Whereas diagnostic nerve blocks contain an anesthetic. The anesthetic gives brief periods of pain relief. This is helpful while your doctor attempts to locate the actual source of your pain.

Sometimes your chronic pain relief treatment may involve a long-term solution such as surgery. Your physician may use a prognostic nerve block to help predict the outcome of your surgery. Likewise, your physician may use the nerve block to avoid surgery. Pain management Orange County is a very personalized treatment plan. Everybody experiences pain in different ways. This all depends on how successful the nerve blocks are in controlling your pain levels.

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