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Common Myths About Foot Health

Perhaps because they are often hidden out of sight, our feet are sometimes neglected in terms of care and wellbeing. Unfortunately, this long-term neglect can lead to long-term health issues as well. Below, we look at common myths about foot health.

There are also a number of misconceptions surrounding the health of our feet that are commonly held. Busting up some of these misconceptions can give patients a more informed view of the landscape of the health of their feet, as well as their overall health profile.

Common Myths About Foot Health

If you’re having issues with the health of your feet or are just interested in learning more about these essential body parts, take a look at this guide to some common health misconceptions about foot pain relief.

1. Going Barefoot is Healthier

This is a common myth about foot health that often goes unexamined. Many people have come to think that going barefoot is somehow easier on your feet than wearing footwear. However, for many people, this isn’t the case.

This is because each individual’s foot has a unique shape and thus will likely respond to different types of footwear either more positively or negatively. In addition, going barefoot all the time leaves your feet vulnerable to cuts and abrasions from the outside world, which can, in turn, lead to infections and other health problems.

2. If I Can Walk, Nothing is Broken

This is a common myth that has to do with diagnosing whether or not one is suffering from a broken bone in the foot. Somehow, the myth was started that if one is able to walk, then it means that they don’t have a broken bone.

However, this myth simply isn’t true. One can have a fracture in the foot and still be able to walk. Diagnosis by a trained professional is the only way to correctly discover whether or not the foot is fractured.

3. There’s Nothing Abnormal About Foot Pain

This myth concludes that foot pain is just a fact of life and that there’s nothing abnormal about experiencing this type of pain. However, this is a misconception.

Especially in the case of more severe foot pain, pain usually indicates that there is some kind of abnormality at play in the feet. Addressing these problems sooner rather than later can save one a lot of time and worry.

4. You Can Shave Calluses and Corns

This myth derives from the small cottage industry that has risen up surrounding shaving off calluses and corns with at-home kits. Unfortunately, these kits mostly just amount to shaving off some of the dry and dead skin that might be at the bottom of one’s feet.

If you have real calluses and corns, then having them removed by a professional is ultimately much safer.

5. Shoes Cause Bunions

This myth insinuates that wearing shoes is what causes bunions. This is untrue, however, as bunions can form on people’s feet regardless of what type of footwear they are currently using.

However, wearing the wrong type of shoe can actually encourage the development of bunions on one’s feet. Choosing footwear that works for your particular foot type is the best course of action for preventing the development of bunions.

6. Warts Can Be Removed with Duct Tape

This is one of the many myths surrounding warts and their supposed removal. In reality, duct tape is not a very effective solution for removing warts. Consulting with your doctor about the best way to remove warts is the best method for ensuring their safe removal.

7. You Can Get Athlete’s Foot from Dirty Feet

Athlete’s foot is a fungal condition that has nothing to do with how clean or dirty one’s feet are. It is equally likely to develop on a clean foot or a dirty foot, and the highest indicator that it will develop has to do with whether or not one has been exposed to the fungus.

8. You Can’t Do Anything About Broken Toes

For some reason, many people are under the impression that you’re unable to medically treat broken toes. This is, fortunately, a myth. Anyone suffering from a broken foot should immediately seek medical attention to attempt to resolve the issue. Doing so can prevent further medical mishaps.

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