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Regenerative Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

Regenerative medicine has transformed the treatment process for neck pain relief. Neck pain can be caused by various injuries, conditions and diseases. At Centers of Rehablitation and Pain Medicine, we are proud to provide the leading regenerative treatments to help treat neck pain. Neck pain may lead to radiating pain, spasms, headaches and stiffness. If left untreated, pain may cause further complications and greater risks. Our regenerative specialists use the most advanced technology and techniques to perform all treatments at our facility.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Treat Neck Pain?

Regenerative medicine uses the patient’s cells and tissues to naturally heal injuries, conditions, and diseases. We aim to redirect the body’s regenerative efforts to damaged areas with these treatments. Our doctors treat patients with moderate to severe conditions with our innovative regenerative medicine.

Most Commonly Treated Neck Pain Conditions

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Regenerative Treatments for Neck Pain

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