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Symptoms and Causes of Back Pain

Everybody experiences back pain from time to time. If you lift too much, your muscles might cramp. After standing for a long time, you might feel sore. You might also have a serious injury to your spine that must be treated immediately. There are many symptoms and causes of back pain to be aware of.

Symptoms and Causes of Back Pain

If you are experiencing discomfort or pain anywhere in your back, it might be the right time to visit your trusted pain clinic in Orange County. Some pain will go away by itself, but other types of pain could indicate something more serious that will only be treated with professional care. These symptoms and signs can help you assess the health of your back the right way.

Causes of Everyday Back Pain

Back pain could be caused by a variety of factors at work, home, and school. These are some common causes that you may be experiencing:

Repetitive movements like twisting, rotating, or spinning
Inactivity and sitting still in an office chair can cause stiffness in the spine.
Do not lift heavy objects, as it can put too much strain on your back.

It is important to be comfortable on the job. You can do the same thing at home! Even if you are just sitting down for a few hours, it is important to invest in a chair with proper back support and ergonomic comfort. You should take breaks if you are doing repetitive tasks at work.

Back Pain Signs and Symptoms

Depending on the cause and type of your back pain, you may want to visit your doctor for an assessment right away:

Sharp Back Pain

There are many types, but most can be described as either dull or sharp. While dull aches usually disappear, sharp aches can indicate a more serious problem. A sharp backache could be a sign of a torn ligament, muscle, or issue with your internal organs. It could be a result of injury or trauma.

Long-Term Stiffness

Your back may hurt more when you go uphill or your muscles feel stiffer. This could be inflammatory arthritis. If your back is throbbing and you’re below 40, you may have a more severe spinal injury.

Sudden Weight Loss

Are you feeling sluggish? Are you feeling tired all day? These symptoms could indicate that you have other internal problems. For further evaluation, consult your spine specialist immediately. Suffering from back pain while losing weight is a dangerous sign that could get worse.

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms for Back Pain

Having trouble getting comfortable at work? You can identify the most common signs and symptoms of back pain to get the right treatment quickly. These are the most common symptoms of back pain:

  • When you lie down, you can feel relief from your pain
  • Inflammation of the spine and back
  • Muscle pains or weakness
  • Feeling in the back or spine
  • When you bend or move, your pain worsens
  • Sitting down can cause pain that gets worse
  • Fatigue
  • Increased difficulty urinating

Healthy workplaces are essential for a healthy body. Talk to your employer and your pain management specialist about how you can change your lifestyle habits to reduce strain and pain.

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