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The Most Common Causes of Foot Pain

You use your ankles, feet, and legs to walk, moving yourself through life and all of its challenges. But having a sudden burst of pain or symptoms of stiffness in these areas can suddenly make walking very difficult. You may find that as the pain grows, you have a harder and harder time completing the simplest daily task. This is a strong sign to visit your local pain clinic for chronic pain and discover the most common causes of foot pain affecting patients in Orange County. Belowe we cover the most common causes of foot pain.

Major Symptoms of Foot Pain

If your feet or ankles are causing you problems, it is important to take note of the exact symptoms you are feeling. This can help your doctor determine exactly what common cause is affecting your foot and prescribe the proper treatment.

Major symptoms of foot and ankle issues can include:

  • Radiating heat from the source of pain
  • Swelling, inflammation, or puffiness in the foot or ankle
  • Stiffness and tenderness to the touch
  • Difficulty putting pressure or weight on the foot
  • Bruising that might come out of nowhere
  • Fatigue, weakness, and overall exhaustion, with or without symptoms of pain

All of the above symptoms indicate that you may be going through chronic pain. Depending on the intensity of the issues you are experiencing, your specialists can easily pinpoint the cause and find a treatment that works for you.

Top 3 Causes of Foot Pain

If you are experiencing these symptoms and you are frustrated that the pain isn’t going away, you aren’t alone. Visit your local pain clinic today so your doctor can determine whether or not your suffering stems from one of the top 3 common foot problems:


Unfortunately, arthritis is a very common condition. Whether due to injury or age, arthritis is a degenerative disease that makes joints and tendons get stiffer over time. This causes them to swell, making them very painful to move. There are certain medicines and surgical treatments available depending on the severity of the condition that can help to keep you comfortable and encourage natural movement without causing you more pain.

Bone Fracture

A bone fracture in the foot is a lot more possible than you’d think. Even if you don’t consider yourself s someone who engages in a lot of physical activity, you can fracture your foot without even realizing it. Simple fractures might be painful in the moment. But some of the issues could subside over time, leading you to think that the problem isn’t that bad. Over time, symptoms of pain and discomfort can come up again, telling you that it’s high time to seek proper medical treatment.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects a big nerve tissue on the underside of your foot called the plantar fascia. This tendon can make the bottom of your feet hurt, making it very difficult to walk. Pain from plantar fasciitis can also radiate to the balls of the feet, the toes, the heels, and even the ankles. The more stress that is placed on this nerve, the more serious the symptoms become. Long-term treatments are available to reduce pain and increase mobility in your foot.

Visit Your Foot Pain Doctor ASAP

It is a good idea to see a doctor sooner rather than later so you can better manage your pain. The longer you wait, the more serious your symptoms can get, leading to severe developments of conditions that are more difficult to treat. If you need foot pain relief near you in Orange County today, reach out to our specialists for a customized care plan. You don’t need to live in agony while your ability to walk slowly fades away. There are real solutions for foot pain that can give you a better outlook on life while getting you back on your feet – literally!