Regenerative Therapy for Shoulder Pain & Elbow Pain

Our board-certified regenerative specialists diagnose and treat shoulder pain and elbow conditions and injuries with our minimally invasive treatments. Regenerative medicine can rebuild and fortify damaged shoulder and elbow tissues. Debilitating shoulder or elbow pain may be caused by conditions, injuries or diseases. We perform all of our regenerative treatments with our cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques.

How Does Regenerative Therapy Treat Shoulder & Elbow Pain?

Regenerative medicine harnesses the body’s power to naturally kick start and accelerate the healing process to treat an injury or condition. This unique treatment allows patients to circumvent surgical procedures with a fast recovery time and lower risk for complications. Regenerative medicine can help restore and regain functionality.

Most Commonly Treated Shoulder & Elbow Conditions

  • Tendinosis
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Degeneration
  • Bursitis

Regenerative Treatment for Shoulder & Elbow Pain

Candidates for regenerative treatments will be examined by one of our regenerative specialists to determine the best course of action. A doctor will meet with the patient to identify their condition and diagnose symptoms. The regenerative specialist will perform a meticulous physical exam and any other necessary tests to diagnose the condition. Based off the symptoms present, the doctor will create a personalized treatment plan. The most commonly used regenerative treatments for shoulder and elbow pain are stem cell therapy and PRP therapy. Our regenerative specialists stand as a constant resource and help guide patients throughout their entire care at our facility.

Shoulder & Elbow Pain Stem Cell Therapy

Let our regenerative specialists help you get back to optimal health. Find out more about our regenerative treatments and book your consultation today at Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine.