Stem Cell Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

At Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine, our specialists provide a natural solution to neurological conditions. Neurological issues may affect the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. We offer the leading regenerative treatments to effectively reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms. Alzheimer’s disease is the most usual form of dementia that results in memory loss and behavioral issues. This progressive condition is irreversible and can hinder everyday  life. Alzheimer’s symptoms may vary from person to person and as it progresses. According to the National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s Disease is the sixth leading cause of death in America.

Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Memory Loss
  • Withdrawal from daily activities
  • Mood and personality changes
  • Difficulty performing daily tasks
  • Low energy
  • Increased anxiety

How Can Regenerative Therapy Treat Alzheimer's Disease?

Regenerative medicine utilizes the body’s ability to heal itself to refocus and direct it towards healing conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease. Our regenerative specialists carefully mold each treatment to address each patient’s unique Alzheimer’s symptoms. During the treatment, the doctor will harvest the patient’s stem cells to create a concentrated mixture and place it back into the body to initiate the healing process.

Candidates for Regenerative Medicine

  • Suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and want a natural solution to treat symptoms
  • Symptoms have worsened over time
  • Symptoms affect daily life
  • Conservative methods have failed

Alzheimer's Disease Regenerative Treatment

A regenerative specialist will meet with each patient to diagnose the condition and find an effective route for treatment. The doctor thoroughly review the patient’s medical history, perform a physical exam, and other exams to identify the symptoms present. If Alzheimer’s Disease is present, our team of regenerative specialists will create a customized treatment plan to reduce symptoms. The doctor will spend time educating the patient on all treatment and recovery details. Our specialists take pride in remaining a constant resource for all patients to provide a seamless experience at Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. Treatment will vary based on the severity of the condition.

Stem Cell Treatments:

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