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Common Christmas Injuries and Accidents

The holiday season is a joyful time of the year for many, but it is also an incredibly chaotic time of the year. Unfortunately, any hospital or urgent care facility will tell you that the last two weeks of December are often the busiest. While some accidents are bound to happen, there are a few common Christmas accidents and injuries that you should actively avoid.

Below, you’ll find the most common Christmas injuries and accidents that occur each year. And how to find the best pain management treatment for your existing symptoms. If anything happens to you, visit your best pain specialist Orange County.

Toy Troubles

Kids of all ages want the latest and greatest sets of toys under the tree for Christmas each year. From bicycles, to skateboards, to hoverboards – if it moves, kids really want to use it. But any gift with wheels on it is bound to come with a few hazards.

One of the most common injuries in children is caused by physical trauma due to falling off of a bike or a skateboard. Make sure you invest in a mouthguard and elbow pads before sending your child outside to play.

Ladders & Lights

Homeowners will often display a little bit of holiday cheer by decorating the outside of their houses with lights and other festive arrangements. But it takes a tall ladder to be able to string the lights off of the roof. That is why falls from ladders make the list as one of the most common injuries that can happen during this time of the year. Falling from a ladder at any height is dangerous and can result in prolonged spinal injuries.

And speaking of lights, tripping over ill-placed cords and plugs is one of the most common Christmas injuries of all! The more lights you string up, the more cords you will have, making your house a walking hazard. Get a good organization system in place, so you aren’t constantly tripping over your own lights.

Holiday Driving Madness

The final month of the year is always the busiest when it comes to shopping for gifts. This means there are more cars on the road than normal. And they are all in a hurry to get their chores done and go home. With everyone’s moods in a heightened state, things tend to get a little tense on the road. But that leads to the greater likelihood of getting into an accident.

Keeping an eye on the road while you drive is a life-saving decision. Don’t get caught up in a holiday craze or road rage this holiday season and avoid a lifetime of back injury and pain.

Providing Relief for Chronic Back Pain

If you have recently suffered an accident that has resulted in back injury, it is important to find ways for long-term pain relief and treatment. Based on your ability to move, sit, stand, breathe, and lift your limbs, you will be given an individualized treatment plan to help you manage and moderate the pain from your injury.

Typically, our back pain relief Orange County experts will prescribe a combination of pain relief medication and physical therapy treatment. In the case of severe pain and limited movement, surgery may be required. Speak with your local pain management specialists to find the best plan of care curated to your needs.

Get Pain Relief Now!

Don’t spend the holidays in pain and discomfort. Be safe while preparing for the gifts and celebrations of the season. Watch where you step and climb and put up decorations carefully. And keep your eye on the road when shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts. Get in touch with our experts at CRPM to learn more about back pain management and long-term treatment.

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