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Back Pain While Working

Whether you sit in an office chair, lift heavy boxes, or make repetitive movements all day, your job at work could be causing your back a lot of pain. Daily activities and stiff postures can really take a toll on the most sensitive part of your body. Your routine work and behaviors put strain and stress on your back over time, which may lead to issues of chronic pain in the future. Take a look at some of the factors that contribute to back pain while working and ways you can manage lower back pain in Orange County.

Back Pain While WOrking

Different factors in your workplace could contribute to back pain. Some common workplace situations might include:

  • Repetitive movements such as twisting, rotating, or spinning
  • Sitting still in an office chair with inactivity leading to spine stiffness
  • Lifting heavy objects that put too much strain on your back

It is imperative that you stay comfortable while on the job. This is true when you are working at home as well! Even if you’re just sitting in a chair all day, you should invest in a chair that provides proper back support and ergonomic comfort. If you have to make repetitive movements at work, try to give yourself plenty of breaks in between sessions.

Setting Up a Spine-Saving Space

You can rearrange your office or workplace setting to provide more comfort throughout the day. This can greatly reduce or even eliminate the likelihood of developing chronic back pain over time. Here’s how a bit of exercise and ergonomics can help:

Take Exercise Breaks

If you sit down for most of the day, try to break the routine with some body movement every hour or so. If you can get up every 45 minutes, even better! Exercising throughout the day, whether it be by walking, working out, or playing a game, can reduce the strain and stiffness on your spine every day.

Adjust Your Chair

Your office chair should not only feel comfortable to sit in, but it should also be properly positioned so that you are about eye level with your monitor. Specifically, you want to be about three inches under the top of the screen. You should have something soft for your elbows and wrists to rest on while you work. Don’t forget to add lumbar support with a towel or pillow.

Strengthen Your Back

Your spine will eventually weaken when it is not exercised every day. You can prevent chronic pain and keep your spine strong by performing spine-strengthening exercises. Bridges, bird dogs, and child poses can all give you a stronger back. Try to pair these exercises with the exercise breaks you have scheduled for yourself to reduce the likelihood of pain.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain

Having trouble getting comfortable at work? Learn to identify the most common symptoms and signs of back pain so you can get the proper care ASAP. Major back pain symptoms include:

  • Shooting feeling in the spine or back
  • Pain that worsens when you move or bend over
  • Pain that worsens when you sit down
  • Relief from pain when you lay down
  • Inflammation around the back and spine
  • Muscle aches or weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Increased trouble urinating

A healthy workplace is essential to a healthy body. Speak with your employer and your pain management specialists about changing your lifestyle habits to prevent undue strain and pain on your back. Put and end to back pain while working today!

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