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Jobs that Cause Carpal Tunnel

Most physical labor involves the use of your hands. But some jobs might be working your joints and bones way too hard. When some of the biggest nerves in your hand become too squeezed or stretched thin, they can cause carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition that can be triggered by repetitive motions with the hand.

Jobs that Cause Carpal Tunnel

While every manual movement can put you at risk for this condition, there are some jobs and professions that cause carpal tunnel Orange County specialists to offer the best solutions for immediate pain relief. The condition is marked by stiffness, pain, and soreness in the joints of the hand, making it difficult to accomplish even easy tasks. Here are some of the riskiest jobs to look out for.


If you are a physical laborer working in an assembly line, you are at a high risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because you use repeated movements with your hand while simultaneously pulling or squeezing the muscles that control your major nerve. This constant strain is what can cause long-term pain or discomfort over time.


Unfortunately, baking delicious treats can be bad for your hands. After too much kneading and beating dough, your hands can be the ones feeling beaten and worn out at the end of the day. By constantly using your hands to push and pull, you perpetuate this motion that aggravates the carpal tunnel nerve.

Textile and Fabric Making

According to the CDC, there is an incredibly high risk of carpal tunnel disease in textiles and fabrics. Again, the repeated use of the hands in this type of manual labor, especially when working with and treating heavy products, increases the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Sewing, running textiles, and cutting fabrics are all repeated motions.

Cashier Jobs

Working as a cashier at the local grocery store or retail outlet is never a bad gig. However, you should be aware of the number of repeated movements you’re making. Cashiers often have to press buttons while opening and closing the cash drawer, making it hard to give your hands a rest.

Desk Jobs

Everyone uses a computer. Most people use a computer every day, from typing up emails at work to playing video games at home. The amount of typing and mouse-clicking you do can really add up, contributing to the number-one most common job that is at a high risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You must often twist and tighten your wrist when you type, which directly affects the carpal tunnel nerve.

If you are worried that you are already suffering from this painful condition, you can get carpal tunnel injections for relief and treatment.

The Best Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

At CPRM, we provide carpal tunnel injections for those struggling with pain and stiffness. Not only do the injections provide pain relief, but they also act as a diagnostic tool to help find the exact source of the pain.

Unfortunately, more than 3% of all Americans are struggling with symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. A typical symptom would include shooting pain down the side of the palm and around the wrist, especially while the hands or fingers are moving. With injections directly into the hand, our pain management solutions can help give pain relief and insight into further treatment possibilities.

Avoid the Pain from Carpal Tunnel!

Visit the best pain specialist Orange County has to offer and schedule an appointment with our CRPM experts to learn more about your carpal tunnel symptoms. If you are working in a job or profession that poses a high risk of developing carpal tunnel, schedule a consultation with one of our pain management professionals ASAP. It’s important to find treatment so you can avoid pain and continue using your hand without feeling limited by your symptoms. Give us a call today!

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