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Types of Chronic Pain

If you are dealing with a bodily pain that has lasted for more than a few months, you might have chronic pain. There are many different types of chronic pain that American adults experience on a daily basis, and some forms of pain are more common than others.

Types of Chronic Pain

CRPM is your premier resource for pain management in Orange County. No matter what type of chronic pain you are dealing with, you deserve to explore all viable treatment and relief options. Below, you will find information about the most common types of chronic pain and how you can seek treatment from a specialist ASAP.


Chronic headaches plague almost 50% of the American adult population on a daily basis. Some people report that they have headaches consistently within a year, while others deal with a lifetime of extreme head pain.

Chronic headaches could be indicative of many different ailments and could stem from a number of different causes. For example, migraines are typically a result of hormonal changes or nervous system problems, while tension headaches can come from high stress and a bad sleeping schedule.

Back Pain

Unfortunately, back pain is incredibly common among adults in the U.S., and over 84% of adults in the U.S. have back pain or will experience chronic back pain at a certain point in their lives. It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose the source of chronic back pain as there is a multitude of common causes, including:

  • Physical trauma to the muscles or ligaments
  • Nervous system damage along the spine
  • Slipped discs
  • Compression fractures
  • Osteoporosis
  • Deformities such as scoliosis or lodosis

Back pain is one of the more serious forms of chronic pain that can make everyday life a challenge. Whether due to an injury or another condition, you can start to feel lower back pain every time you sit or stand. Get in touch with a pain management specialist before this pain gets worse.

Nerve Pain

Chronic nerve pain can be very mild or extremely debilitating and can inflict a lot of chronic pain throughout the body. About one of every 10 Americans has some form of chronic nerve pain at some point in their lives. Chronic neuropathic pain is usually life-altering and requires many types of interventions for treatment.

Common examples of nerve pain include neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and pinched nerves. It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose the source of nerve damage as pain can radiate outward or shoot to other parts of the body like the neck, making the chronic symptoms sometimes unbearable.

Joint Pain

Similar to nerve pain, joint pain can stem from a number of sources around the body and have debilitating effects. The biggest causes of joint pain include infection, injury, or aging. American adults are at risk for osteoarthritis, arthritis, and tendinitis the more they age. Research has shown that over 51 million Americans – which is almost 1 in every 2 adults – suffer from some sort of joint pain, especially arthritis.

Joint pain can make it extremely difficult to move. Still, if you have chronic pain that won’t go away, seek pain management treatment from a rehabilitation specialist right away.

Get Chronic Pain Relief ASAP

Don’t wait for your pain to get worse. Dealing with ongoing pain and discomfort can make it difficult to move and even live comfortably. You shouldn’t have to deal with that on a constant basis. Learn about your best options for back and neck pain relief in Orange County. Get in touch with our specialists at the Centers for Rehabilitation and Pain Management. You can finally start on the path to treatment today. Don’t let your pain get any worse!

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