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Is Hip Pain Normal?

There’s a famous saying of “no pain, no gain,” but the pain is the bodies alert to let you know that something is wrong. Hip pain may be a sign of something wrong in your body and is extremely annoying to live with. Finding out what is causing this pain, and if the pain is normal, are important first steps to getting relief. If you need help identifying the source of your hip pain, and how to manage the pain, CRPM is the perfect place to find guidance.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain is extremely common and there are many reasons you may be feeling this pain. The hip is a large area, and depending on where the pain is coming from will help you locate the exact cause. The first and most common reason for hip pain is injury or overworking of the joints. You can injure the hip in the gym, playing sports, at work, an accident, or even inactivity, which leads to the hip becoming tight and more prone to injury by basic activities. There is a difference between soreness and pain from a tear or strain, so if you are overworking the hip in the gym, soreness is normal, but pain is not. Another cause of hip pain is age-based problems, such as arthritis in the joints. A more serious reason for the hip pain could be early warning signs of cancer. Ultimately, there are many internal and external reasons why you could be experiencing hip pain, but it all stems from something either being strained or weak.

When is the Right Time to See the Doctor?

Because there is a slight chance that hip pain could be linked to life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, you don’t want to wait too long to go to the doctor. The doctor will be more knowledgeable than most and will be able to pinpoint possible reasons for the pain and possible solutions. But if you are like many Americans who prefer not to sit in a waiting room to find out what is ailing you, then take solace in the fact that a lot of hip pain is due to injury and will most likely get better with time and rest. If the pain is minor and is not affecting your daily routine, then rest, medicine, stretch, and ice could fix it. However, if the pain does not alleviate after some time, going to the doctor is prudent. If the pain is intense, you are unable to move your legs, there is a protrusion from the hip, the pain is accompanied by fever, or your hip is swollen, you should go to the doctor immediately. CRPM is a top Orange County pain specialist and is available to help you whenever the pain becomes a problem.

What Exercises can you do to Alleviate Hip Pain?

If your hip pain is not intense, you can manage the pain and relieve the problem on your own with stretches and exercise. One of the greatest exercises to strengthen your hip is the bridge, which can be performed by laying on your back, and then raising your butt off the ground by pushing your hips up with your legs bent and your upper back staying on the ground. Doing this is a great way to enact your hip muscles and joints, and keep them strong throughout the day. Be sure to gauge whether or not your hip is healthy enough to perform this, and don’t use it if it makes the pain worse. Stretching is also a great help to strengthen the hip, and yoga is a great place to start. Take a class or watch yoga videos if you are unfamiliar with it. This will help you deal with the pain and has a low barrier of entry for those that want to start.


If you are experiencing hip pain, be sure to talk with The Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Management in Orange County to learn how to manage the pain, and get tips to heal.

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