Cardiac & Pulmonary Stem Cell Therapy

At our practice, we offer the leading regenerative cardiac and pulmonary treatments. We provide a unique multidisciplinary approach to treat cardiac and pulmonary conditions for our patients. Our regenerative medicine specialists are constantly researching any medical advances in cardiac and pulmonary treatments. Regenerative treatments work to stimulate the healing process through a concentrated cell mixture.

Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat:

  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Lung Disease
    • COPD
    • Chronic Bronchitis
    • Pulmonary Fibrosis
    • Pneumoconiosis
    • Emphysema
    • Interstitial Lung Disease
    • Bronchiectasis

Regenerative Cardiac & Pulmonary Treatment

During the initial consultation, the doctor will meet with each patient one-on-one to identify and diagnose the condition. The doctor will spend time speaking with the patient about their medical history and symptoms. A thorough physical exam and any other necessary tests will be performed at this appointment. Once the condition has been identified, the doctor will develop a personalized regenerative medicine treatment plan. The regenerative specialist will spend time educating the patient on all aspects of the procedure and recovery. Patients may ask any questions or concerns they may have regarding the treatment process during this time.

We have found that our regenerative medicine treatments have shown significant improvement in patients with heart and lung conditions. Our medical professionals utilize the latest technology and treatments at Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. We strive to remain a resource for our patients throughout their entire care at our facility.

Why Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine?

  • The leading team of regenerative medicine specialists
  • Cutting-edge treatments
  • Most advanced technology and surgical techniques
  • Personalized comprehensive care
  • Knowledgeable and skilled staff

Contact our friendly staff to find out how you can treat your heart or lung condition with regenerative medicine.