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What Causes Cancer Pain?

Cancer pain can present itself similarly to other common and moderate feelings of pain. But why does cancer pain develop and what causes the symptoms in the first place? If you are concerned about having pain from cancer that you have not yet diagnosed, or pain from cancer that you have been actively treating, read through our helpful review of what causes cancer pain and how you can know when it’s time to see a pain specialist in Orange County. Find a qualified and professional team of physicians to help you manage your pain every step of the way when you schedule your first appointment with O.C. Pain today!

Cancer Pains from Undiagnosed Cancer

When you are concerned about the potential of cancerous cells in your body, you may begin to interpret every source of pain as more than it may be. However, there are specific symptoms and causes of cancer pain that lead to more serious issues. The most important part is knowing how to determine what pain is caused by cancer cells.


Most of the time, cancer pain is caused by the tumors that have formed in specific areas of your body. This is extremely important to note when you have not yet been diagnosed with cancer, and you are concerned about any lump on your body that has not yet been identified by a professional physician. If you begin to feel increased pain in a concentrated area, check around the part of your body for any formation of a lump or swollen skin. If the pain is linked directly to any abnormality in your skin, you may be dealing with a cancerous malformation. Find out what’s causing your discomfort when you visit a qualified pain specialist in Orange County at the OC Pain center today.

Cancer Pains from Diagnosed and Treated Cancers

If you have had your cancer diagnosed, and you are experiencing significant pain symptoms, you can determine the cause depending on the kind of treatments, medications and former symptoms you have had. For example, if you are experiencing significant nerve pain or other symptoms that are related to nerve problems, it may be an indication that your nerves were either the cause of your cancer, or that they were somewhat damaged in your treatments or through your medications. Nerve pain is often acknowledged by patients as a burning sensation, a tingling throughout the affected area, or periods of decreased sensitivity as the nerves begin to stop working properly.


Other pains that may be resulting from your cancer treatments are bone pain, referred pains, phantom pain and even soft tissue pain. Each different type of symptom is a result of your cancer treatments, but each is caused depending on the kind of cancer you experienced, and the treatment methods that you and your doctors decided to utilize. While nerve damage is one of the most significant pains you can have after cancer, bone pain and phantom pains are also large causes of discomfort. Phantom pain occurs if you decided to treat your cancer through the amputation of one of your limbs. When this course of treatment is chosen, it is common to have a psychological pain that develops out of not being able to see your limb any longer. Bone pain is a result of specific bone cancers that had spread to the deeper areas of your body, therefore affecting the tissue. When you experience bone pain, it most likely is linked to your cancer having damaged areas of your bone tissues, resulting in pain and a feeling of weakness.

Pain Specialist in Orange County

If you have been suffering from increased pain after cancer treatments, or you are concerned that your pains may be indicating future cancer risks, receive your medical advice from the best pain specialist in Orange County when you book with O.C. Pain today.

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