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Head to toe pain management doctor
Head to Toe Pain Management This treatment benefits patients who suffer from any sort of chronic or acute pain. Approaches differ depending on the patient’s specific condition using and combining our medical experience with patient education and our state of the art innovations in technology.
steroid injection for pain relief

Steroid Injections Steroid injections are commonly used to treat one or two local areas of inflammation. When oral drugs or physical therapy are not effective, doctors can deliver a high dose of medication through steroid injections to the area of pain which may prove to be a better treatment option for you.
Pain pumps for full body pain management

Pain Pump Pain pump (Intrathecal) is a method of delivering pain medications directly to the spinal cord. First, the pump is surgically implanted into the skin and then medication in the pump is added every so often by injecting it through the skin into the pump reservoir.
platelet- rich plasma (prp) therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma Platelet-Rich Plasma is a portion of a patient’s own blood which contains concentrated platelets and important growth components which expedite the healing of damaged tissue. PRP therapy uses drawn blood from the patient which is then set aside in a centrifuge until platelets are fully concentrated and finally injected back into the injured tissue.
nerve blocks to block out shoulder and neck pain

Nerve Blocks Nerve Blocks are anti-inflammatory injections that are used for pain treatment and management. They help “turn off” pain signals coming from a specific location in the body.
radio-frequency ablation medicine for pain relief

Radiofrequency Ablation Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive procedure which uses radio waves to heat up a small area of nerve tissue. This treatment reduces pain signals from that specific problem area.
Splint fitting cast for wrist pain relief

Splint Fitting Splints are used to support fractured bones and tissues. They support the injured bones to hold it in place correctly while not disrupting the healing process.
trigger point injections for head to toe pain relief

Trigger Point Injection Trigger Point Injections are anti-inflammatory injections which are used to treat a number of conditions. This procedure involves injecting medication directly to the focal areas of muscle spasms that are often located in the upper back and shoulder area.

injections in the hip, shoulders, and head to toe pain management

Hip, Shoulder and other Joint Injections CPRM also offers injection treatments to patients suffering from hip, shoulder, and other joint problems which help alleviate the patient’s pain and discomfort.
regenerative medicine to help relief head to toe pain
Regenerative Medicine (RM) Regenerative Medicine (RM) is a fast-growing, highly-developed technology that is increasingly being used to manage conditions such as chronic and acute pain by replacing the damaged, diseased, degenerating, or aging tissue with new tissue.