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At Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine, our main objective is to return our patients to their normal lives that are pain free. We provide a one on one experience for each patient by integrating our extensive medical background with patient-education while also using state of the art technological innovations.

At our clinic, we use a more patient-centric approach and treat pain as the main problem and not as a symptom. We determine the root cause of the pain, plan the appropriate strategies and suggest therapies, accordingly. Our goal is to ensure the overall well-being and quality of life our patients deserve. We try to tailor several treatment plans to each specific needs using the newest technology available.

Mission Statement

Our goal at Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine is to restore the functional abilities of our patients – physically, emotionally and socially through our comprehensive multi-disciplinary team approach. Stop or manage pain and live life to the fullest.

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“My experiance with CRPM has been one of the greatest. Roxanne, who has been my PA has done a fantastic job in assisting my pain issue. “

– David C